Green Dry Wipe Extra Soft

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100% Australia natural cotton;

  • 100% Australia premium nature cotton soft dry wipes. Wipe size about 20cm * 20cm;
  • Cotton tissues with Extra Thick and highly absorbent design help to clean face and remove mess completely.
  • Our wipes are more absorbent, durability, won't be broken after use twice when wet. Just soak to water to get your water wipes, avoid the harsh chemicals in normal wet wipes.
  • Easy pack package, portable for a diaper bag, vacation, and camping.
  • Great for sensitive skin and can be used as a face towel, baby washcloths, incontinence wipes, makeup wipes. The perfect alternative to cotton rounds, normal facial tissues, wet wipes,  can be used in different ways.
  • Multiple packing methods, you can try a small package firstly. A bigger package saves more.
  • Weight: 90g;
  • 50 pieces per pack;